Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Hold

I had so much fun helping Jacob create this blog, only to find out that he doesn't have internet at home right now! Well, I think it's there, but the computer is down, something like that.

So, Jacob will be back to post more later. In the mean time, if I hear anything from his home front, I'll try to blog for him. No guarantees that I can keep this up and my own and my son's blog too!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

GldenHills CarShow

First of all this is my first blog. Please comment on the photos and/or my writing. Today i spent time with my aunt,uncle and cousin(my three links). we saw some really nice cars and played some fun games. the photo with the two kids is my cousin and I. they had giant ear cleaners(at least wat i call ear cleaners) and two standing spots. my uncle and i beat each other with them. there was also a Velcro suit and a giant wall two. my record was a 10 second sticking!!! it was a blast. so please comment if u want to see more pictures or videos... and remember to PARTY!!!